viernes, 18 de julio de 2014

Amara nos invita a danzar. Dancing with Amara ( AGENDA PLANETARIA)

Dear Patricia

“The amount of light on this planet is increasing, and the intensity of this luminosity is touching the deepest levels of your soul. It is vacuuming your whole system to find every dark point there is. Your system is being reprogrammed – you are going through a profound surgery. Do not try to understand this process, because at certain stages of this transformation you may experience an ancestral sadness that has nothing to do with your own biography." Prem Baba

I love this image of vacuuming our systems. I can feel that operating in my own life as I come into contact with ever more subtle layers of numbing. The dance of life supporting me in dissolving these deeper pockets of pain if I just have the courage and the guidance to stay with it.  I thank my teacher Prem Baba for giving me both.  

And I thank the dance, for providing a container to hold this process of awakening. I look forward now to the next opportunity, which will be at the Sevenoaks Retreat Center (near Charlottesville VA) where we will have 5 days together Aug 28 - Sept 1 diving deeply into this process of Awakening through Movement. There is an early reg deadline of Aug 1.   So if you are feeling called go ahead and register now. This is one of my favorite retreat settings and there is always an amazing group of committed dancers that gather in Charlottesville. (click here for more info

I hope your summer is providing moments of grace and ease ~ 
with lots of love  Amara

PS  Thank you to Jann Frommel who captured the image above at the OneDanceTribe Europe event in Kisslegg Germany - The next OneDanceTribe event will be on the Big Island of HAWAII Oct 9-19 and below is where I will be through November. 
  • Aug 28 - Sept 1 Sevenoaks Retreat Charlottesville, VA
  • Sept 5-7 San Diego, CA
  • Sept 12-14 Brisbane, Australia
  • Sept 19-21 Melbourne, Australia
  • Sept 28-30 Sydney, Australia
  • Oct 9-19 OneDanceTribe Hawaii
  • Nov 7-9 Buenos Aires, Argentina
So I hope to catch many of you somewhere on that journey!   

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